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Best Gym Membership Deals in Tampa

50% off enrollment! Limited Time Only!


All monthly rates are discounted for a limited time only!

Just go the HOME page, scroll down, pick the plan you want, then just click JOIN NOW  (click here)

 Please contact us at 813.875.1600 for any questions and more info if needed

Each customer is special to us! Therefore, we do our best to help you take advantage of our First Visit Incentives.

Come in and join our 50,000 sq ft gym on your first visit, and receive a FREE ($199 value) Fit Evaluation and Body Scan! Not only does Powerhouse Gym Athletic Club have the best gym membership deals, but it is also an energetic athletic community that is perfect for all ages!

In fact, we will have you actually looking forward to coming in! Whether your visit is for a workout, taking in our spa amenities or a fresh meal. We will be sure to please!

Tired of waiting to use equipment in a gym that is over crowded?


One of our best fitness deals for visitors or limited stay guests are our short term memberships.

These include: $20 for one day, $50 for one week or $99 for one month (all plus tax).




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