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Personal Training | Powerhouse Gym Athletic Club Tampa

Stay Fit With a Comfortable Environment

Our Powerhouse trainers are highly qualified in personal training. Some are graduates of local universities with degrees in health science, nutrition, exercise science and kinesiology. Our personal trainers will first have you complete an online personal profile. Additionally, they will evaluate performance on a few exercises and conduct a few biomechanics tests.  Together, you and your trainer will review your assessment and come up with a customized plan that’s right for you.

77 Nutrition consultants will spend approximately 45 minutes compiling an inventory on the individual needs of the client. This includes: how the client’s body responds to different proteins, vitamins, foods, and more. They will also ask the client to bring in any supplements and products that the clients are currently using. All of this will help the Licensed Dietitian prepare what’s best for you.

Please note that a Florida Licensed Registered Dietitian will design and supervise all nutrition and meal plans. Therefore, you can feel assured that you are getting the safest plan that is right for you.

Interested in what products that we have to offer? Our experts have access to professional grade supplements. For example, vitamins, branch amino acids, organic, gluten and hormone free proteins, high grade krill oil and much more.

You will not only be more functional, but also healthier, due to our personal training efforts and nutritional programs! Customer satisfaction is very important to us at Powerhouse Gym Athletic Club. We are confident in our ability to help our clients. Contact us TODAY to learn more! 813-875-1600

Customize your workout and nutritional plan

A custom workout and nutritional program will then be designed specifically for that individual to achieve excellent results and hit their goals. Evaluations will be given as the client hits certain bench marks as they train. Metabolic tests are required for all of our clients. The results from the resting Metabolic test will give the trainer the exact amount of calories that individual’s metabolism is burning while he or she is just functioning at an upright resting position. The results from the active Metabolic test will give the trainer much more valuable information such as, at what exact heart rate is that individual burning fat most efficiently.

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