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Our Personal Training Process

Over the years personal training has evolved as technology has become more advanced. Due to this, we now have better equipment, and science to get the results our clients demand. Our training programs offer a 12 point bio-mechanical assessment on each Powerhouse Gym client.  During this session, we make sure to capture it on video. One of our Powerhouse Gym coaches will then sit with the client and go over the video and test results. Our coach will evaluate these results and will show how corrections can be made to achieve a more functional, and efficient way of training. The coach will then create a training program to reach the clients goals based on ability, exercise and nutrition. The SECA Body Composition Scanner will be used as a tool throughout the entire process.

Our Nutrition Plan Process

Our nutrition consultant has access to many professional grade supplements. Some of these supplements include vitamins, branch amino acids, organic,  gluten and hormone free proteins, professional grade krill oil and much more.  Our Florida licensed dietitian  can create a customized nutrition plan to meet your needs. In addition, we can arrange for Defy Medical to collect a stool sample to see how the digestive tract is processing foods.

SECA Body Composition Scanner

Our Hormone Therapy Process

Finally, a blood test can also be arranged to find out if any hormonal imbalances exist. For example, in order to ensure that the body is functioning at peak performance, testosterone levels may need to be adjusted. In addition, Defy Medical can also perform a urinalysis, which can tell you your pH value (acidity) and kidney level functions. In addition, it can test a few other notable things like estrogen, insulin, thyroid function, testosterone, and cortisol levels. These are important hormones that play into hormone imbalances. Defy Medical’s M.D. can go over these findings with you. Our purpose is for you to achieve your goals in record time!

*Please note metabolic tests are required for all of our clients.

Nutrition Plan | Powerhouse Gym Athletic Club Tampa


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