Nutrition Factory | Powerhouse Gym Athletic Club Tampa

The Nutrition Factory was born from the junction of two career paths. Through our products, co-founders Joey Galloway (a professional athlete / NFL wide receiver) and physician Michael Youssef, MD share their unique career expertise. Our co-founders do this by bringing you the highest quality, best tasting, nutritionally engineered smoothies, wraps and bowls. Whether you have a strict or flexible diet, the Nutrition Factory has something for everyone. Not only do we have egg whites, steak, chicken breast, fresh vegetables, but we also have a variety of fresh ingredients to choose from for our bowls and wraps.

Since recognizing the great variety in diets, our food and smoothie menu has been carefully designed to meet a very broad range of dietary needs. However, there is one thing that doesn’t vary: taste. We use only the freshest ingredients: 100% real fruit and real fruit juices. Additionally, no cane sugar or turbinado added to any smoothie ever. Whether you want a real fruit smoothie, a lean great tasting protein smoothie, a low carb smoothie/wrap, or a dessert smoothie, you will find it at the Nutrition Factory and you won’t believe how good it tastes.

The Junction of those ridiculously low internet prices on supplements and vitamins with the convenience of buying it in our store and walking away with your purchase that day. No more overpaying for in store convenience. No more waiting for the delivery for 3 days to get that great internet deal. As a matter of fact, it’s here at the Nutrition Factory, EVERY product EVERY day. Want More! CLICK HERE

Nutrition Factory | Powerhouse Gym Athletic Club Tampa


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